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Jim has a great eye for what a yard can look like. His crews not only mow, trim &edge, but also do sprinkler repair. They do a great spring clean, plant annuals, and a fall clean. Great company!
Liz Welch

They are excellent. They do some mowing, fertilization and weed whacking. They do quality work.
Lynda Taylor

I would recommend them. We have been using them for a lot of years.
Thad Call

I have recommended them to our friends and family. They come out every week, around the same time. I have not had any problems . Sometimes the grass is cut too short. The cost was close to the estimates they gave us. I have had them for three years.
Heather C.

They always are on time. They make me feel like a valued customer. I like the job they do because they are always neat and professional. I will recommend them to friends and family.
Denver S.

Love Larking Landscaping! Quality work I can always depend on. Every year I love being in my yard because it looks beautiful. Thanks for the many years of service.
Carrie S.

I think Larkin Lanscaping do a very good job on my yard. They always do what I ask them to do and I am very pleased with them. They are based in Farmington, UT. I would recommend them to other people.
Bonnie D.

Larkin landscaping is very profession, honest, and get the job done quick! Working with Tyler was pleasure. Tyler does a very great job at doing paver patios, he gets it right the first time and it is such amazing quality. Tyler and Jim really have an eye for landscaping!

Larkin Landscape has installed a handful of new landscape projects for us over the years. We've felt fortunate to work with Jim and his team on new construction design and full installations, as weekly as weekly care. the entire team is well trained, hard working and knowledgeable. We often refer Larkin Landscape to clients and have received great feedback. You can count on Larkin to upgrade, care for, and maintain your entire landscape!
Mark S

Jim Larkin is a quality guy and they did an excellent jog of designing and implementation. I would recommend Larkin to friends and family looking for quality landscaping. I think their price is on the high side but in my view you get what you pay for.

mowing of yard, spring cleanup, fertilization, fall cleanup, and other jobs that need to be done. Workers always do a good job. They come weekly and always clean up after themselves.

Larkin Landscaping beautifully landscaped my yard 14 years ago and have been maintaining it since that time. They always do a wonderful job and I have won several city awards for my impeccable yard.

I have had Larkin Landscape take care of my lawn (mowing and edging) for more then 10 years. They do a great job but more than that they do extras like blow the leaves off my patio so they can mow them, move play structures so they can mow under them, and blow the debris from the curb gutter. They leave my yard looking magnificent. I always get compliments on how nice my yard looks.

Amazing to work with, fast, efficient, and the best bang for my buck. The quality was superb! I couldn't be more happy with the work that was done!
Home Owner